St George Men's Shed.
St George Men's Shed. Karen Berry

4 things to do in the Balonne this week

Ballet and Broadway

ON SATURDAY night at the St George Cultural Centre, the Maranoa Performing Arts group will present two shows of Ballet and Broadway... 10 Years On, the first at 1pm and the second at 3.45pm.

Ticket prices are $15 for adults, $5 for children over five, and $35 for families.

Tickets are available from St George Florist.


St George Cultural Centre


1pm and 3.45pm on Saturday, June 16

Dirranbandi Markets

THE Dirranbandi Markets will be on again next Thursday, June 21, from 10am until noon.

Come on down for local produce and crafts created by local artisans, there's sure to be a bargain to be found.


Dirranbandi Rural Transaction Centre


10am until noon, Thursday, June 21

St George Singers

THE St George Singers always welcome new singers to the group so why not go to their next get-together at the St Patrick's Church hall (Balonne St, St George) from 7pm to 9pm next Wednesday?

The only requirement is that you enjoy singing.

Tea and coffee are provided.


St Patrick's Church hall


7pm, Wednesday, June 20

Men's Shed

ARE you finding it difficult filling your days since retiring?

The St George Men's Shed is always looking for new members.

The group gets together at its workshops and clubrooms located in Lindores St on Mondays and Wednesdays, 8am until noon.

For more information, contact Keith Codrington on 0427 790 712.


Lindores St, St George


8am to noon, Mondays and Wednesdays