Aussie's terror: 'I could feel the amount of blood'

CANDICE Hedge, an Australian survivor of the London Bridge terror attack, has spoken for the first time about the chilling moment terrorists tried to kill her.

The 34-year-old from Dalby and Brisbane is lucky to be alive after she was stabbed in the throat during the deadly attack on June 3.

Candice attempted to hide from the terrorists - who had stormed the cafe she was working at - but one spotted her.

"I saw two of them come in. I just sort of waited," Candice told Sunday Night.

"I think he was leaving. As he turned around, he spotted me there, and it was just one quick go, and ... that's it."

‘He looked at me and I looked at him,’ Candice tells Sunday Night.
‘He looked at me and I looked at him,’ Candice tells Sunday Night. Channel 7

She recounted the harrowing moment she came face-to-face with the terrorist who stabbed her.

"He looked at me, I looked at him. I can't remember really what he looks like. It was just sort of like ... he got me," Candice told Seven.

"I could feel, like, the amount of blood, and it was warm on my hand. Um, and I was vomiting blood, like, quite a bit. Three or four times, I think. It just kept coming."

London attack victim tells her story: Candice Hedge gives her chilling account of stab to throat.


The blade came within millimetres of shattering her artery and vocal chords. Candice said she thought she was going to die from her injuries.

"I was thinking for a moment that maybe I wasn't gonna make it. But it was just like, 'Focus on your breathing and stay awake,'" she told Sunday Night.

"That's sort of what was going through my head.

"I was just thinking, 'I don't want to die'. I want to get through this."

Candice Hedge from Dalby.
Candice Hedge from Dalby. Contributed

But Candice has vowed to stay in London with her British boyfriend Luke, who was also there on the horrific night.

"I'm not going to be deterred. I've got more to do here. The last thing I want is to be scared off by something like this," she said.

"I'm not going to let them change my life. I mean, they have, but, you know, I'm going to turn it to my advantage if I can.

"And we need to carry on together."

Sara Zelenak
Sara Zelenak was killed during the London terror attack. Facebook - Sara Zelenak

Candice was one of 48 people injured by three terrorists who murdered eight people, driving into pedestrians on London Bridge before going on a stabbing rampage in Borough Market on June 3.

They claimed the lives of two Australians, Sara Zelenak and Kirsty Boden.


Kirsty Boden of Loxton, South Australia. There are fears she has been killed in the London terror attacks.
South Australian Kirsty Boden was killed during the London terror attacks. Facebook