Don’t ding my car!
Don’t ding my car!

Don’t ding my car!

It always irks me when oversized utes and four wheel drives park next to my car. Their oversized nature increases the potential for dinging or denting my car when their car doors open.

It seems the older the beast of the car, the less likely the occupants of the vehicle are to care if their doors swing out onto another vehicle.

If I'm around when a vehicle pulls in beside mine, I sit, wait and eyeball the driver and the other occupants as they vacate the car and make my presence known.

I had a Mexican standoff recently, when the driver of a massive ute parked beside my car; returned my glare; and just sat in his car like a petulant child.

He put his window down, indicating that he was in for the long haul. I gave up waiting, and as I walked away from my car, I turned to see him gingerly opening his car door and vacating his vehicle in a sideways, crab-like manner as he avoided touching my car.

He was a big bloke, so it was rather entertaining to watch.

Sadly, I can't always be there to monitor the comings and goings, and I do have dings on both front doors from careless, inconsiderate drivers who obviously don't give a damn about other people's property.

I know I sound rather pedantic and pathetic as it is just a car, and it is very much a first world problem in the big scheme of things, but it is important to me.

I would never open my door onto another vehicle (as many obviously do).