SPEAK UP: Scott Sargood (right) makes his voice heard at the Brisbane rally today.
SPEAK UP: Scott Sargood (right) makes his voice heard at the Brisbane rally today. Adma Sargood

Graziers take fight to city

DRESSED in green, more than 500 farmers made a last stand against Labor's vegetation reforms outside Brisbane Parliament House today.

The crowd gathered outside the historic building at 7.30am, armed with signs and banners, as they fought to stop the potentially life-changing Vegetation Management and other Legislation Amendment Bill from being passed.

Last week, the vegetation hearing committee shocked graziers by giving a thumbs up to the introduction of the new laws with no amendments, after hearing countless personal tales from graziers in the west.

A petition started by Charleville producer Scott Sargood and Warrego MP Ann Leahy in opposition to the law change reached more than 17,000 signatures since February.

Mr Sargood attended the rally to present the petition to parliament.

"We have left no stone unturned when it comes to this law change,” Mr Sargood said.

"It's out of our hands now, we can't help them help themselves any more.”

Mr Sargood said the rally drew an impressive crowd, with the media coverage helping to boost awareness.

"The event was well attended by the media, and they were enthusiastic to hear our point of view,” Mr Sargood said.

"I hope the interviews we gave were educational for those outside rural areas.

"All we can do now is wait. The vote is up to them. I feel there are people in the Labor party that know what they are doing is wrong.

"If they vote this through I hope they have as much trouble sleeping as the people feeding them.”

Parliament went into session to debate the changes after the rally. The laws could be passed as early as next week.